Eating a RAW FISH! Eye-balls and ALL!

The other day we went camping and Mommy fed me a raw fish for dinner. Oh my goodness, it was so tasty. I’ve noticed some humans look at raw fish weird and don’t really consider eating the entire thing, eyes, bones, scales, and all but I just love crunching down on all the juicy (and sometimes bloody) deliciousness.

Although we did go fishing on our camping trip, Mommy didn’t feed me our catch from that particular weekend’s expedition because those fish might still have some parasites in them. That’s why she always freezes fish we catch for at least three weeks before I eat them. So, yeah, a little freezer burn can happen, but it still tastes so good. In fact, I can’t even describe how much better it tastes than that yucky kibble I used to eat.

fish3  fish2

If you want to learn more about eating raw… check out our favorite raw feeding facebook page called Raw Feeding Advice and Support. Everyone there is helpful and no one makes you feel like a dummy for asking questions.

Check back later to learn more about what I’m up to and what I’m eating.

Teaser… I even eat the fur sometimes.




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