About Dozer

My name is Bulldozer the Pug and I love you. Although I haven’t learned to type yet, my parents helped me make this website so I could spread my Dozer-Pug joy with the whole world. I came to them in the coolest way I could imagine. I was a wedding gift to my mommy and daddy. I was the beginning of the start of their family and I feel so blessed to have them to share my life with and my brother Cow (a cat actually).

We came together in 2017, and I have been trying to spread my love to everyone I encounter ever since. My web presence started when Mommy made me an Insta. I’m still on there at @bulldozerthepug and I love connecting with people on Insta and other Social Media platforms.

It’s hard to deny that I’m a Pacific Northwest Pug. I was born in Washington State and now live in Salem, Oregon. So, naturally I enjoy the outdoors, but I do prefer it if Daddy brings the front pack in case I get tired.

I am a pug so, I also love food. And, being a Pacific Northwesterner (and borderline hipster at times) of course, I’m a foodie. My mommy did lots of research on my diet so I could be the healthiest doggie possible and she found something I love to eat! It’s RAW MEAT AND FISH! YUM! I eat just like the old-time doggies used to, I eat raw dead animals and fish. Some Vets who have been trained in pet nutrition by the dog food companies will say that this diet is risky, but if you do your own research and follow what I am eating, you’ll see the benefits of eating RAW MEAT! OH, NUMMY! I liked the movie Pet Fooled on Netflix.

I’m not all outdoors and food though, I’m deep. I get zen…

I also hump. Early on, it was mostly about the cat, my brother Cow, but now I have learned the way of the Stud and I am ready for action. Click my Stud page to learn more about that, and maybe even catch some footage of the real deal.

If you have learned anything from reading my biography, I hope you learned that I love you.